d.o.o. Smrčak Zvornik

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The collection of goods is done in accordance with current national and regional laws on protection and sustainable exploitation. All the conditions for regeneration of goods that are collected must be secured and it must not have a negative influence to the collection area. The collection is done at strictly defined areas which are far away from possible sources of pollution (factories, dumps, roads and settlements).

There are a few important conditions we take care of:


  • Raw materials are collected at the known territory, free from possible sources of contamination.

  • Goods are stored in adequate packaging and in adequate warehouses.

  • 3. Processing is done by machines which fulfill standards of organic production.

  • 4. Cleaning of the premises is in accordance with organic regulations.

  • 5. We keep records about all the activities, from collection to the warehousing.

  • 6. We have our own capacities for procession of mushrooms (dry kilns, cold storages (fixed and in the truck), cutting, grinding and packing machines and very skillful workers.

  • 7. All our collectors were trained about the way of collection, procession and storing the goods. They are also obliged to stick to principles of sustainability and respect of arranged principles (territory, quantity, quality, etc.)